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8th Dec 2019, 4:31 AM
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monty 8th Dec 2019, 4:31 AM edit delete
Welcome to Southern Cross!
This is a gijinka comic (personification/anthropomorphisation) that originally started as a joke in 2011 and then ended up getting out of control because I took it too seriously. Right now, I'm moving the comic from its old home on Smackjeeves, but taking the opportunity to change some of the ordering for what I think (hope??) is a better reader experience. This comic has been going nearly a decade and a lot of things have changed in that time, including the art and writing style. A lot of the early comics are also being redrawn - they'll be readded later on, but the old ones will still be around. (Some I'm probably gonna quarantine as Extra pages though)
Southern Cross is sometimes a comedy in 4-panel format, and sometimes a historical drama with multi-page story arcs. Parts of it are educational retellings of aspects of Australian history that I find amusing, and other parts are ridiculous holiday specials. It's not intended to be a textbook or a pure educational tool, and there are artistic liberties at play (its kinda hard not to do this, because in real life cities are not people), but at its heart its primarily a 'what if'. What if cities -were- people? How would they relate to eachother? What would they talk about? What feelings would they have?

As for what these cities actually -are-...that's a mystery, but they're inspired partly by the concept of gijinka in general and also the concept of a genii loci (the spirit of a place).